Located right here in Bloomington along the B-line trail, the NEW unveiling date of the Captain Janeway sculpture will occur on October 24th, 2020. Mark your calendars now, and make sure to check out the Captain Janeway Collective website to learn more about the event!

The Captain Janeway Collective partnered with Artisan Alley last year in order to honor Kate Mulgrew’s character in Star Trek: Voyager: Captain Kathryn Janeway. A bronze sculpture has been created in her name, which will be displayed on a limestone base with steel plating.

Captain Janeway’s character demonstrated humanity, determination, and leadership. She is an individual that represents the ideals and aspirations of students and citizens across Bloomington, IN. For this reason, the sculpture will be installed in close proximity to an institution of Bloomington which focuses on STEM education: the Wonderlab Museum of Science, Health, and Technology.

Although Captain Kathryn Janeway was born in Bloomington, IN on May 20th, the date was postponed due to the uncertainty of recent global events. Luckily, the Captain Janeway Collective treated us to a Janeway Birthday Surprise, a sneak peek at the sculpture itself, and more information about the unveiling date!