Our Dimensions Gallery hosts monthly exhibitions featuring works from local artists. Enjoy the eclectic mix of art work that defines the regional art scene and visit many merchants with extended Friday hours and restaurants in the downtown area. See our current and upcoming exhibitions below

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Jack Donnelly

Jack Donnelly was born in Portland, Oregon in 2001 but after a few years he moved with his family to Bloomington, Indiana where he grew up. As a twin, Jack always tried to be independent of his twin sister and become his own person, developing interests personal to him; the most prominent being his interest…

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David Slivka

Twenty years ago, David Slivka took a Cord Camera photography class, and this ignited his passion for travel photography. David began taking road trips throughout the United States and Canada.  What excited him most about his earliest photography adventures was having the opportunity to share powerful images and sharp color.  In 2006, he traveled from…

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Avery Martin Smith

Avery Martin Smith uses painting and photography to visually convey what he cannot verbally communicate. His art is a patchwork of layered images, sampled patterns, colors, and language to make an image reminiscent of growing up in rural Indiana. His work is a personal commentary on his thoughts, feelings, and memories of rural Indiana, discussing…