Artisan Alley is very excited to announce that we will be changing things up in the new year! We have received word from the IRS that we will be getting our federal nonprofit status very soon. With this status change comes other changes to our organization.

The IRS has let us know that we will no longer be able to do consignment for local artists. While this changes things, we can now focus our efforts toward our mission as an educational nonprofit by providing local artists with resources and space to co-work, teach classes, etc.

Twisted- Alt Art Shop will now be known as the Twisted Art Lounge. We will have our members’ art on display. People will be able to purchase work through the artist themselves as opposed to Artisan Alley being the middle man between artist and customer. Our lounge will have tables and chairs, computers, craft resources, and more! To find out more about renting the space, click here.