Richelle Brown, also known as artist SotR, has brought the outside walls of Twisted Cowork a message of hope and love “to anyone in need of it during the COVID-19 saga”. The title of the mural (“Hope, [Soap, Mask, Distance], + Love”) is aimed to highlight the public health guidelines in order to protect ourselves, as well as inspire a positive message that we are not alone during this crisis.

The artist is a strong proponent of mental health awareness and self-care, as well as self-empowerment for all. Her creations ensure a wide range of emotions, through the use of distinct textures, strokes, colors, and mediums. Her work reflects edgy, street art sensibility which is accessible to all.

Check out her work at our Twisted Cowork location, and use the hashtag #MoreLoveLessHate to promote the positivity our society needs more than ever in these uncertain times.