cowork membership


Artisan Alley currently has 6 Resource locations in Bloomington, IN. this option is the most affordable way to get access to everything we offer for people who need these resources on a regular basis. Choose a plan that fits your budget, and your needs. We have a flexible membership to offer our wide range of resources for your art, your business, your event, or just your next project. As a member, you’ll be welcome to bring your own equipment and projects to work on while you’re working in our various shared resource spaces. Cowork members have access to coworking locations from 10 am – 8 pm daily. For more information on how to get access to our shared resources or get a tour of our spaces, click below, or you can fill out the Cowork Member Application to be considered for a private studio. 

RESIDENT membership


Artisan Alley currently has 4 locations in Bloomington, IN, that have private and shared studio spaces, as a part of our resident member program. As a resident member, all utilities (electric, gas, trash, water, wi-fi), and access to our shared resources are included in the price. Location access is available 24/7 for resident members. All residential members must also be a cowork member. Resident Members get the best benefits we have to offer as long as they are active contributors to our community. See below for more information about the included resources and member benefits. For more information on how to acquire a studio or to schedule a tour of our spaces, click below, or you can fill out the Resident Member Application to be considered for a private studio. 

Membership FAQ’s

CoWork members (bronze-platinum level) share Artisan Alley’s communal resources, but don’t have a dedicated or private studio space. This option is great for people who don’t need additional space but want to access our resources and connect with our collective. It is also great if you don’t have an immediate need for a studio, as private studios come at a higher price. This option is a 6-month commitment.

Resident members receive all the same benefits as platinum-level CoWork members and have a studio at one of our locations that can be accessed 24/7. Resident members are also asked to contribute to the collective’s resources by either donating 10 hours per month to either join one of our committees, teach classes or pay $40 in member dues. This option is for a 1-year commitment.

In order to receive benefits, there is a $15 application fee, as well as a $100 refundable deposit for any membership. Most member tiers have monthly member dues. However, a bronze-level member can contribute 20 hours/month to retain membership, rather than paying monthly member dues. We also offer member scholarships to assist members who are unable to pay membership dues or contribute time.

Yes, membership deposits are 100% refundable, providing you are in good standing ( i.e. there is no physical damage to the space, and you are not in default of your financial or member obligations).

Yes in most cases! All of our locations are available for personal use by our members. However, If you plan on hosting an event, charging for the use of the space, or teaching classes, we ask that you check our calendar to make sure the space isn’t already reserved and let us know well in advance when you want to reserve the space. For these gatherings, when other members cannot access the space, it is considered venue rental usage. In these agreements, you would pay the discounted member venue rental fee. We understand all events are different, so feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have about your event ideas or what constituted a venue rental or just utilizing the membership.

Membership Types, costs & Benefits


DUES: Price varies

  • 24/7 key
    cowork access
  • Venue Rental – 6 hrs/month*
  • Public Signage
  • Collective Contributions
  • Community Involvement
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Platinum benefits

DUES: $140.00/Month

  • 24/7 key
    cowork access
  • Venue Rental – 4 hrs/month*
  • Organizations*
  • Fiscal Sponsorship*
  • Media Promotion
  • Event setup help
  • Gold benefits

DUES: $80.00/Month

  • All-days/ week
    cowork access
  • Venue Rental – 2 hrs/month*
  • A/V equipment
  • Spotlight Listing
  • Gallery Feature*,
  • Event promotion
  • Silver benefits

DUES: $40.00/Month

  • 4-days/ week cowork access
  • Printers / Cricut
  • Web Store
  • Event Equipment
  • Festival Priority
  • High-Level Tool Access
  • Bronze benefits

DUES: 20 hours/Month

  • 3-days/ week cowork access
  • Artist Directory
  • Venue discounts
  • Kitchenette access
  • Computer access
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Workshop access
  • Tool library access
  • Phone Access
  • Voting Rights
  • Member-to-Member perks

*Additional terms apply

Day Pass

Get in, get it done and get on with your life. No long-term commitment is required with this day option.

You’ll have use of our shared areas, tables, and equipment that you have been certified to use, and you’ll be welcome to bring your own tools and projects to work on while you’re here! Day Passes last for a 6-month term from the purchase date.

INDIVIDUAL $10/pass$8/day ($40/pass)$6/day ($60/pass)
GROUP (2-4 people)$20/pass$15/day ($75/pass)$10/day ($100/pass)

All Day Passes and Day Pass Bundles have a $100 deposit that will be held and returned at the end of the pass or pass bundle use. Day Passes expire 6 months after the purchase date. 

Volunteer & Internships

Share your time and skills, meet new friends, and become part of a unique experience at Artisan Alley.  Below you will find a sampling of volunteer and internship opportunities that Artisan Alley has to offer.


  • Complete the Volunteer or Internship Application.
  • Once we have received and accepted your application, our staff will contact you by email to schedule an interview.
  • All volunteers may receive a copy of the Volunteer/Intern handbook, a badge, a pair of safety glasses, a shirt, and a tour of the facilities. If you are interested in working as a departmental volunteer/intern, that position may require additional training post-orientation.

Prospective volunteers and Interns must be 18 years of age or be Over 14 with permission for a Guardian.


We seek to provide low-income or at-risk artists and creatives in the community the opportunity to become an Artisan Alley member at reduced or no cost. If you’d like to learn more about our scholarship program, get in touch with us at To apply for a scholarship, click the button below.