WE ARE A creative hub of Makers that unites, empowers, and supports the Bloomington arts community by sharing our resources, spaces, and connections.


Spanning multiple locations in Bloomington, Indiana, we are an artist co-op and a charitable 501(c)3 Registered Nonprofit. With support from our members, the public, and local businesses, our collective provides affordable resources, including workspaces, public events, educational classes, specialized tools, equipment, fiscal support, and opportunities for the greater artisan community. By providing these resources in accessible ways, Artisan Alley connects local artisans with the city as a whole, contributing cultural value by emphasizing individual expression, education, sustainability, and exploration. 

Dimensions Gallery

Dimensions – Gallery

Dimensions’ mission is to help all people live a more fulfilled, creative life while also fostering a greater artistic culture in our area and beyond by increasing access to art that speaks. We believe art belongs to the people who…
Antumbra Venue

Antumbra – Community Venue

Antumbra is operating as a community venue and all-ages music venue. Our small, but dedicated, and passionate staff cultivates a culture of care by being well-trained and informed. During certain days, and times in the week, we offer unique and…
Made Classroom

MADE – Classroom

MADE (Manifesting Art and Developing Expression) by Artisan Alley believes that the creation and education of art in all forms is beneficial to the community and its people. It is run by local staff, artisans, licensed teachers, students, and volunteers…
Twisted Front

Twisted – Cowork & Play

Twisted Cowork is both a wifi lounge and a play space. We aim to support entrepreneurs in their quest to grow their businesses by ensuring they have the resources and a space they need to work effectively as well as…
Burl Ingot Front

Burl & Ingot – Workshop

An industrial workspace with a community tool library. We are offering the public access to a multi-purpose commercial space for constructing and learning. We support craftsmen and trade workers locally by providing tools, equipment, working spaces, and training to creators who…
Media Library

Photo Lab / Media Library

Our Photo Lab / Media Library is within our digital studios and operates as a community photo/video venue and rehearsal space. Our small, but dedicated, and passionate staff cultivates a culture of care by being well-trained and informed. Resources Digital…

space Rentals

Do you need a flexible venue, classroom, office, studio, workspace, or a specialized resource that is affordable?

Our spaces are designed for flexibility, they can hold an event, a workshop, a private gathering, or a spot that can inspire creativity. We bring people together in multiple, colorful, and customizable venues to spark conversation, collaborate, work, build, play and help you attain your professional goals and construct new ways of thinking.

We have multiple locations for various-sized events, skills or residencies. Each of the locations is joined by open hallways, with ADA bathrooms, and various amenities are easily accessible. Rent adjacent spaces together or separately to customize your need.

Join our community and enjoy all the benefits as a member

We are an artisan co-op that provides a wide range of:

  • artisan studios
  • co-work spaces
  • creative classes
  • digital equipment
  • industrial tools
  • essential amenities 
  • volunteer opportunities
  • internship opportunities
  • trade-specific resources
  • educational materials

testimonials & Reviews

Artisan Alley is made up of our art community. Creative businesses and individuals come together to utilize our space to provide artisans with resources to grow, including a gallery, classroom, retail space, workshops, a tool library, a lounge, and computer labs.

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